Kreative forfattere – Harry Potter og Avatar er set før

Sådan helt og aldeles uden for kontekst, så faldt jeg lige over to sjove tekster, der viser, hvor meget gode historier egentlig ligner hinanden.

Meget useriøst, ja, men meget finurligt — og det skal vist ikke tages for mere end det er 🙂

DisneyJames Cameron‘s PocahontasAvatar: Synopsis

In 16072154, a ship carrying Johnake Smithully arrives in the lush “new world” of North AmericaPandora.

The settlers are mining for goldUnobtanium; under supervision of Governor RatcliffeColonel Quartyh. Johnake Smithully begins exploring the new territory, and encounters PocahontasNeytiri.

Initially she is distrustful of him, but a message from Grandmother Willowthe Tree of Souls helps her overcome her trepidation.

The two begin spending time together, PocahontasNeytiri helps Johnake understand that all life is valuable, and how all nature is a connected circle of life. Furthermore she teaches him how to hunt, grow cropstame dragons, and of her culture.

We find that her father is Chief PowhatanEytucan, and that she is set to be married to KocoumTsu’Tey, a great warrior, but a serious man, whom PocahontasNeytiri does not desire. Over time, Johnake and PocahontasNeytirifind they have a love for each other.

Back at the settlement, the men, who believe the natives are savages, plan to attack the natives for their goldUnobtanium.

KocoumTsu’Tey tries to kill Johnake out of Jealousy, but he is later killed by the settlers.

As the settlers prepare to attack, Johnake is blamed by the IndiansNa’vi, and is sentenced to death.

Just before they kill him, the settlers arrive. Chief PowhatanEytucan is nearly killed, and Johnake sustains injuries from Governor RatcliffeColonel Quartyh, who is then brought to justice. PocahontasNeytiri risks her life to save Johnake.

Johnake and PocahontasNeytiri finally have each other, and the two cultures resolve their differences.

Star Wars — A New HopeHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Synopsis

Luke SkywalkerHarry Potter is an orphan living with his uncle and aunt in the remote wilderness of Tatooinesuburbia. He is rescued from aliensmuggles by wise, bearded Ben KenobiHagrid, who turns out to be a Jedi Knightwizard.

BenHagrid reveals to LukeHarry that LukeHarry‘s father was also a Jedi Knightwizard, and was the best pilotQuidditch seeker he had ever seen. LukeHarry is also instructed in how to use the Jedi lightsabrea magic wand as he too trains to become a Jediwizard.

LukeHarry has many adventures in the galaxyat Hogwarts and makes new friends such as Han SoloRon and Princess LeiaHermione. In the course of these adventures, he distinguishes himself as a top X-wing pilotQuidditch seeker in the battle of the Death StarQuidditch match, making the direct hitcatch that secures the RebelGryffindor victory against the forces of the evil EmpireSlytherin.

LukeHarry also sees off the threat of Darth VaderLord Voldemort, who we know murdered his uncle and auntmom and dad.

In the finale, LukeHarry and his new friends receive medals of valourwin the House Cup.

All this will be set to an orchestral score composed by John Williams.

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